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Operator:  This is where participating get serious, and it’s only for those who are serious and feel the call to do more.  Certified Operators are just that… they are trained in the mentality, skill, and tactics of working side by side with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.  They have the opportunity to actually conduct live stings and rescue operations.

Designed for those interested in becoming a CHT Certified Operator, or for those thinking about sponsoring an Operator.


 Below is a video that gives an overview of the program coupled with video clips and pictures from one of the actual 3-Day training that takes place at our facility The Grey Site in Northern Utah.

Connect with us so we can answer any questions you may have about getting involved.


What you need to participate at this level is pass Federal Firearms Background Check and have the mind and heart.  We can give you everything else. Law Enforcement or Military experience is not required.


There are three levels of Operator Participation, they are:

  • Tier 3 - The life of our Operators starts right here at Level 3.  This is a $5,000 Certification Training Program that takes place over 3 days at our facility in Utah called the Grey Site.  This program is the training certification and does not include the Full Kit Out.  You will be trained and certified as a Counter Human Trafficking Operators and have the ability to operate in the field if you so desire.


  • Tier 2 - These individuals are fully trained and certified to work as operators same as Level One, with the exception that you have participated in our full Team Kit Out program and the monthly Grey Site membership for ongoing and continuous development.  You may be participating in Live Ops in your local area and are allowed to participate in our T.R.U.E operations both stings and rescues in a domestic capacity.  You will most likely be featured in our show T.R.U.E.  You are not full-time in this endeavor.


  • Tier 1 - This is the pinnacle of the Operator Program.  This is not available to everyone.  The level of trust our operators need to have to pass an individual on to Tier One is without question or hesitation based on mentality, character, and skill. 

  • These individuals are full time in this endeavor and they are either self-funded or they have gathered financial sponsors that allow the support needed for them to do this work completely immersed.  Tier One Operators must come through Level Three and/or Level Two.  They are working directly with T.R.U.E on both domestic and foreign operations.  

Many organizations and individuals want to sponsor operators within their groups and are willing to fund those individuals through the financial requirements for training and gear.  

This makes a huge difference in your local community when there are Trained & Certified CHT Operators in your group or organization. 

These Trained Operators can really help train the rest of the organization to help stop this within their sphere of influence.

To sponsor a Certified Operator in your group or organization, please download the PDF below, complete and connect with us so we can have a discussion about going forward.

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